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Great Ormand Street

Saturday, 22 December 2012

We left for Great ormand street at half 8 Wednesday morning and we got there about 2 ish, we went straight to our hospital accommodation but we couldn't get in until 3, so we went to meet Marie(shes had a transplant) and she brought some cakes she made which were LUSH! & some Christmas presents for me and mum! & we gave her Christmas presents too :) when we met her when could get in out accommodation so her & her mum came in and we was talking for like 3 hours then we went to GOS to the cafe and had a cuppa tea, well i didn't the adults did ;) we left them about 7 & me, mum and dad went SHOPPING in oxford street! :) we didn't go to many shops as i was tired, but went to the good ones like primark and new look;) then had subway and went back to accommodation and then dad left to go to his hotel, so mum helped me try all my new clothes i brought on, some of it fitted but some of it was too big! :( we went sleep not long after that as i was so tired!

we woke up & we had to be out the accommodation by 10 so we was up early :( our appointment at GOS wasn't until 11 so we went for breakfast in the cafe but i didn't eat anything i wasn't hungry, so i had bloods at 11;30 then went for x ray and had to be back in the isolation room by 12;30 to be clerked by the doctor(don't actually know what clerked means) & after that they said we could go for lunch so we went to Giraffe, & did a bit more shopping! i brought 2 pairs of converses :) we went back to the hospital for 4:00pm because i had to do lung function but Paul Aurora(transplant consultant) wanted to see me before as he was busy for the rest of the day. He basically said 'all were waiting for is a new pair of lungs for you' & to check i wanted to stay on the transplant list, witch i obviously did, but i had a little cry as i always do! haha. i am 147cm tall so i need bigger lungs now, he said that was good though, i was 144cm when i went up 7 months ago & i was 27.7kg in weight 7 months ago and now 29.1kg, he then said he doesn't think i should do lung function because i previously had a pneumothorax and doing lung function could make it come back, but yeah he was happy with me and told me to not give up fighting and to do as much exercise as i can because the fitter i am the fitter i am after transplant.
basically i JUST NEED NEW LUNGS!

we left the hospital at 5:00 and it took us 3 hours to get out of london! the traffic is so bad in london! but we finally got home at half 11 on Thursday and i went straight to bed! i havnt done much in past couple of days just chilled & excited for CHRISTMAS IN 3 DAYS!!! yaaaaay!

Merry Christmas everyone! thank you for reading my blog! 

I'm home!

Friday, 14 December 2012

yaaaaay! im finally home! it feels so good to get in my own bed! i can defently say i do NOT miss the hospital beds haha! im getting loads of cuddles from my dog missy :) we went pets at home & tesco yesterday & i got a PINK fish tank for when im getting fish in a couple of days! it looks pretty cool! & i bought missy a new 'Mrs Claus' outfit which she looks soooo cute in!

i have an appointment in great ormand street Thursday for my re-assessment for lung transplant, were going up Wednesday so i don't have to travel up and back in the same day as will be quite tired from the tests & Wednesday i get to go shopping in oxford street!

thats it really, just letting everyone know im home! :) the support from everyone means so much! thank you all!

missys new outfit :)

Portacath Operation

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hi  :) we finally went to Bristol on Friday 7th by ambulance, the nurse came in at 8:30am to tell us -.- i was so tired haha, we went up about 11:30 ish & got there about 1:45, we went threw A&E because you normally do, the paramedics took us to our ward, we was on ward 38 - the medical ward. When we got there it was really busy, we was waiting for the doctors till about half 4! then my IV's were late at 5:00! so then they wasn't due until 1:00 in the morning! :( the doctors said i was going to have the operation on Saturday, we had to be seen by the anesthetic team, then the surgeon & then we got a time, it was at 12:00pm on Saturday. But saturday came and they said i needed a ECHO to check my heart was ok to have the anesthetic, it took an hour to do, so i didn't go down to theatre until 1:15 but when they porter came to take me down to theatre i didn't want to leave my mum i was cuddling her and didn't want to let go! the nurses were pulling me of her! but in the end i gave up haha! i was put to sleep threw gas and air, witch was HORRIBLE! i was asleep from 1:30 to 3:00 witch was longer then they wanted me to be but it was okay, when i woke up i had the WORST headache ever, especially because i hadn't drank or eaten anything that day & the anesthetic gives you headaches, but i couldn't see anything for a couple or seconds, my legs, arms, head was so heavy! my throat was really hurting because of the tube i had to have down there, i was in so much pain where the port had just been put it, i was on 5 litres of oxygen, then my dad came to the recovery room and i was so glad to see him i didn't want to let go of his hand! i was abit happy after as i was on so many drugs haha! but i went back to sleep again, when i woke up i felt better & i drank loads of water! & had a jam sandwich & my oxygen was turned straight down to 2 litres, but i could hardly move as it hurt so much:( but as the night went on i started to feel even better, so i watched X factor, i went to sleep early Saturday i was so tired & i slept all night! we woke up Sunday and the doctors came round and seen how well i felt, so they said we could come back to our main hospital :) we left Bristol about half 2 & got home half 4, I'm still in alot of pain but I'm doing okay :) & the doctors are on about sending me home Friday :) i cant wait to get home and see my dog!! i miss her so much! :(

thank you everyone for all the messages! it means so much!

the wire is right over my bone on my neck:(

me after the operation.

bristol & NDDH

Monday, 3 December 2012

hey guys! :)
sorry i dont write much but i keep forgetting!! soo..
over the past couple of weeks i went to see peter andre!! he was AMAZING! but we had to come back on the sunday as my long line broke:( so i had to come back to my hospital to have it taken out.
couple of days after we got a call from my consultant telling us we have a date to go up to Bristol to have a portacath put in again & that date is 4th December, which is tomorrow! we put our Christmas decorations up & our Christmas tree because i had to come in hospital for IV's so I'm well enough to have the operation & i wouldn't be out of hospital to at least the 10th, I've been on IV's for 6 days now & I've had 3 canulas:( they always brake! i was meant to go to Bristol yesterday but there was no beds so I'm hopefully going up today!
ill update you more after I've had the operation and I'm well enough, as my lungs are so poorly they will take longer to recover from the op, but I'm still fighting this illness & i wont stop until i get my new lungs!

Peter Andre! :)
our Christmas tree :)

me and mum ready for Peter Andre.

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