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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

when i was born 20.08.1998 there was nothing wrong with me, my parents had no clue i had cystic fibrosis, everything was fine untill i was 18 months when i was rushed to hospital becuase i had a prolapse, i had some test done & thats when my parents found out i had cystic fibrosis it was ovbiously a massive shock to them & they didnt know anything about it but they dealt with it & carried on.
when i was 4 i went to school & i did everything the same as others, i could do everything! never got out of breath, i was never ill, i was fine & that carried on untill december 2010 then everything went down hill, i was in hospital for 3 weeks having IV antibiotics & i was on oxygen & lung function went from 49% slowly to 25% and ive never got it any higher than that. in 2011 i was in hospital everytime i had my IV's really and my lung function was about 22% on october 31st i went for my annual review & thats when i found out i had to be put forward for a heart & lung transplant, it was the most horrible moment of my life me & my mum couldnt stop crying, & my dad was there just trying to calm us down, a few weeks later we came around about the idea of a lung transplant. 2nd december i had a feeding tube put into my stomach, i didnt want it but i knew i had to have to make me better & put on weight, and it took me about 2 weeks to get used to it, then it was christmas!:D which was nice to have all my family come round and spend the day with them. 14th febuary 2012 we had a phone call saying we had an appointment at GOSH hospital for my assessment for a lung transplant & weather im going to go on the list or not, we havnt had a date yet but were wating, they said on the phone maybe march or aprill.

thank you for reading i will write something else soon!:)
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