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Great Ormand Street

Saturday, 22 December 2012

We left for Great ormand street at half 8 Wednesday morning and we got there about 2 ish, we went straight to our hospital accommodation but we couldn't get in until 3, so we went to meet Marie(shes had a transplant) and she brought some cakes she made which were LUSH! & some Christmas presents for me and mum! & we gave her Christmas presents too :) when we met her when could get in out accommodation so her & her mum came in and we was talking for like 3 hours then we went to GOS to the cafe and had a cuppa tea, well i didn't the adults did ;) we left them about 7 & me, mum and dad went SHOPPING in oxford street! :) we didn't go to many shops as i was tired, but went to the good ones like primark and new look;) then had subway and went back to accommodation and then dad left to go to his hotel, so mum helped me try all my new clothes i brought on, some of it fitted but some of it was too big! :( we went sleep not long after that as i was so tired!

we woke up & we had to be out the accommodation by 10 so we was up early :( our appointment at GOS wasn't until 11 so we went for breakfast in the cafe but i didn't eat anything i wasn't hungry, so i had bloods at 11;30 then went for x ray and had to be back in the isolation room by 12;30 to be clerked by the doctor(don't actually know what clerked means) & after that they said we could go for lunch so we went to Giraffe, & did a bit more shopping! i brought 2 pairs of converses :) we went back to the hospital for 4:00pm because i had to do lung function but Paul Aurora(transplant consultant) wanted to see me before as he was busy for the rest of the day. He basically said 'all were waiting for is a new pair of lungs for you' & to check i wanted to stay on the transplant list, witch i obviously did, but i had a little cry as i always do! haha. i am 147cm tall so i need bigger lungs now, he said that was good though, i was 144cm when i went up 7 months ago & i was 27.7kg in weight 7 months ago and now 29.1kg, he then said he doesn't think i should do lung function because i previously had a pneumothorax and doing lung function could make it come back, but yeah he was happy with me and told me to not give up fighting and to do as much exercise as i can because the fitter i am the fitter i am after transplant.
basically i JUST NEED NEW LUNGS!

we left the hospital at 5:00 and it took us 3 hours to get out of london! the traffic is so bad in london! but we finally got home at half 11 on Thursday and i went straight to bed! i havnt done much in past couple of days just chilled & excited for CHRISTMAS IN 3 DAYS!!! yaaaaay!

Merry Christmas everyone! thank you for reading my blog! 

I'm home!

Friday, 14 December 2012

yaaaaay! im finally home! it feels so good to get in my own bed! i can defently say i do NOT miss the hospital beds haha! im getting loads of cuddles from my dog missy :) we went pets at home & tesco yesterday & i got a PINK fish tank for when im getting fish in a couple of days! it looks pretty cool! & i bought missy a new 'Mrs Claus' outfit which she looks soooo cute in!

i have an appointment in great ormand street Thursday for my re-assessment for lung transplant, were going up Wednesday so i don't have to travel up and back in the same day as will be quite tired from the tests & Wednesday i get to go shopping in oxford street!

thats it really, just letting everyone know im home! :) the support from everyone means so much! thank you all!

missys new outfit :)

Portacath Operation

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hi  :) we finally went to Bristol on Friday 7th by ambulance, the nurse came in at 8:30am to tell us -.- i was so tired haha, we went up about 11:30 ish & got there about 1:45, we went threw A&E because you normally do, the paramedics took us to our ward, we was on ward 38 - the medical ward. When we got there it was really busy, we was waiting for the doctors till about half 4! then my IV's were late at 5:00! so then they wasn't due until 1:00 in the morning! :( the doctors said i was going to have the operation on Saturday, we had to be seen by the anesthetic team, then the surgeon & then we got a time, it was at 12:00pm on Saturday. But saturday came and they said i needed a ECHO to check my heart was ok to have the anesthetic, it took an hour to do, so i didn't go down to theatre until 1:15 but when they porter came to take me down to theatre i didn't want to leave my mum i was cuddling her and didn't want to let go! the nurses were pulling me of her! but in the end i gave up haha! i was put to sleep threw gas and air, witch was HORRIBLE! i was asleep from 1:30 to 3:00 witch was longer then they wanted me to be but it was okay, when i woke up i had the WORST headache ever, especially because i hadn't drank or eaten anything that day & the anesthetic gives you headaches, but i couldn't see anything for a couple or seconds, my legs, arms, head was so heavy! my throat was really hurting because of the tube i had to have down there, i was in so much pain where the port had just been put it, i was on 5 litres of oxygen, then my dad came to the recovery room and i was so glad to see him i didn't want to let go of his hand! i was abit happy after as i was on so many drugs haha! but i went back to sleep again, when i woke up i felt better & i drank loads of water! & had a jam sandwich & my oxygen was turned straight down to 2 litres, but i could hardly move as it hurt so much:( but as the night went on i started to feel even better, so i watched X factor, i went to sleep early Saturday i was so tired & i slept all night! we woke up Sunday and the doctors came round and seen how well i felt, so they said we could come back to our main hospital :) we left Bristol about half 2 & got home half 4, I'm still in alot of pain but I'm doing okay :) & the doctors are on about sending me home Friday :) i cant wait to get home and see my dog!! i miss her so much! :(

thank you everyone for all the messages! it means so much!

the wire is right over my bone on my neck:(

me after the operation.

bristol & NDDH

Monday, 3 December 2012

hey guys! :)
sorry i dont write much but i keep forgetting!! soo..
over the past couple of weeks i went to see peter andre!! he was AMAZING! but we had to come back on the sunday as my long line broke:( so i had to come back to my hospital to have it taken out.
couple of days after we got a call from my consultant telling us we have a date to go up to Bristol to have a portacath put in again & that date is 4th December, which is tomorrow! we put our Christmas decorations up & our Christmas tree because i had to come in hospital for IV's so I'm well enough to have the operation & i wouldn't be out of hospital to at least the 10th, I've been on IV's for 6 days now & I've had 3 canulas:( they always brake! i was meant to go to Bristol yesterday but there was no beds so I'm hopefully going up today!
ill update you more after I've had the operation and I'm well enough, as my lungs are so poorly they will take longer to recover from the op, but I'm still fighting this illness & i wont stop until i get my new lungs!

Peter Andre! :)
our Christmas tree :)

me and mum ready for Peter Andre.

hospital, portacath & PETER ANDRE!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

hello guys! it has been a long 2 weeks or so! i started IV's at home and i was okay for a couple of days. but a week into it i didn't feel well at all! i had a temperature, my SATS were low, i had chest pain, so i had to go up to the hospital for a check up & ended up staying in, i had a few blood tests & blood culture & a couple of days later those bloods came back & the doctors said i had an infection in portacath line! i have had this for 7 weeks!!! they didnt think to check my blood cultures at the time! so i have been unwell for 7 weeks and its because i had an infection! they said the only way of getting rid of it was removing my port line, but a couple of months ago they told us i wouldnt be able to have an operation again before my transplant as my lungs are to poorly! but i needed this port out, the only option was to be awake when they took it out!! i had the operation Monday at 3:00pm and it was an hour long, it was the longest hour of my life! i didn't feel a thing as they injected local anesthetic, but injecting that was SO SHARP! i cant believe i stayed awake for it! my nurse Jan came into the theatre room with me as i didn't want to be alone, and she was telling me what the surgeons were doing! taking out the port was only 10 minutes! but they had to put a long line in for me to have the rest of my antibiotics! and they had to try twice! that was the worst bit about the operation! it was so painful, later on that day i was out of my bed and walking around!! but yesterday and today i don't feel very good, just really tired and pain in my long line, i had more bloods done today to check if the infection has gone down, and it has i will be able to go to my Peter Andre concert i have on Friday to Monday! im so excited!! but i want to be as well as i can! so i hope i feel better tomorrow!  

in 2 weeks i can go up to bristol to have my new portacath in! but i have to be asleep! they know its a risk but i really need a port! but im in safe hands :)

we had a letter threw from great ormand street and we have to go up for a re-assessment on the 20th December!! so close to Christmas! but im still going shopping! ;)

pain, pain and more pain! & the sponsered walk! :D

Monday, 29 October 2012

since my last post i have not been well! i had to go to hospital to see a doctor and she wants me to have IV's again for 3 weeks! ive only been of them for 1 week!!! :( and also there was some talk about me starting BIPAP!:( i really didnt want to come that ill for it! i wanted to get my lungs before needing that!
ive had so much pain in my lungs today! hopefully my nurse doesnt say i need to go into hospital! and i really dont want to because in just over 2 weeks im going to butlins to see peter andre live! & i want to be well! :(

On the other hand, saturday was the sponsered walk to raise money for my electric wheelchair! it was such a good day! but i wasnt feeling well atall! but i wasnt going to let CF beat me that day, everyone was there for ME so i wanted to be there! all together there was 136 people!! the gazette came and took some pictures to! it was a really great day! we started at 12:00 and finished at about 3:30 because everyone stopped at the pub haha! i did half way(in my wheelchair) because it was freezing! so my dad picked me up and i went back to the start and waited for people to come back! i was suprised when eveyone turnt up! after that me and some of my family went for food, but i didnt eat cos i wasnt hungry and felt sick :( but i went sleep early that night and slept all night! i normally dont ! i normally wake up with pain and cant breathe but i didnt! :)
here are some pictures..

'round table' kindly donated £750!!

how many people did the walk!

ready to go! there was so many buggys!

my and my friends!
 5 months 1 week and 4 days on transplant list..x


Monday, 22 October 2012

Ive been home since friday and its been so nice! been doing all my IVs and all my physio! but my mucus doesnt want to come of my lungs!:( i finish my ivs tomorrow so thats good!:)

next week is the sponsered walk i organised with my sister and dad, its to raise money to get me an electric wheelchair and what ever money we have left we will give it to my cf nurse and the childrens caroline thorpe ward in north devon district hospital. But where we are getting the wheelchair from has let me borrow the chair for the week! its so cool! I still do all my walking and physio but its so much better with an electric one, so i dont have to go everywhere with my mum, even though i love going everywhere with her!:) i cant wait for the wak! 130 people are doing it! It will be good afternoon and a laugh!

im going to write on my blog more often now! cos i used to write on it like once a month but i will try and write more!

Annual review

Friday, 19 October 2012

I had annual review today, it actually went ok for once! :) we was talking about antibiotics and physio and she said i have to have physio more and to see my own physiotherapist once a week, and she was talking about this machine that you go on in the night, it wasn't bipap but she didn't want me to start anything like that because i recently had a pneumothorax and thats what could help a pneumothorax come. I also met my new consultant, he was really nice:) and learned some new physio techniques. I have to have a glucose tolerant test, GFR, and starting vitamin K. My weight is 30.45kg, i didn't have to do lung function as was quite busy!

IM ALLOWED HOME TODAY:) and do home IVs, finish them on monday!:)

R.i.p lucy wilton, rattling and battling

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Since my last post.. everything has just broke down into pieces. On 22nd september i was at the barnstaple carnival, wasn't really enjoying it because it was quite boring and i was freezing, but my mum got a phone call and she got off the phone and just burst out crying, and straight away i knew it was about my friend Lucy, she had passed away that day waiting for double lungs! Her body couldn't fight anymore, when i found out it felt like my heart had just been ripped out and i couldn't breathe! Even though i never met her i was very close to her and spoke to her everyday until she started to got worse and didn't even have energy to text! At the carnival everyone was starring at us because we was crying but i didn't care! we went home straight away! i still cant believe shes gone! I still think 'aw I'm gonna text Lucy in a minute' but then remember and just sit quietly. I miss her so much!:( i really hope she like heaven and is looking over me and is gonna be there with me when i have my transplant! Lucy was the most funniest girl I've ever met! she always made me laugh and always cheered me up! on the day of her funeral we couldn't go because there was people with cystic fibrosis going to! and didn't want to risk it as on the transplant list, but me and my family set off lanterns for her and dressed up in pink and purple as they was her favourite colours, setting of the lanterns was so funny! 2 of them didn't go up cos they set on fire and NEARLY set a car on fire! but mine went up!:) i bet Lucy was there blowing everyone else's down and just let mine go up! hehe, i hope she liked them! I will never forget Lucy, she will always be in my heart!

2 weeks ago i had to go into hospital for iv antibiotics and physio, a couple of days later, i started to feel all dizzy and always tired and fell over quite alot, they said i had vertigo, a side affect from one of my antibiotics, but they couldnt take me off it because my body is resistant to most antibiotics, so one night my mum rang my cf nurse and told her what was going on and she said take me off the antibiotic staight away and we will find another one! so we did.. and a couple of days ago i started a new one called aztreonam, ive never had this before, but it seems be going ok, but i still feel quite dizzy, just going to wait until ivs have finished then see what im like after that. it has been a rough 2 weeks:(

last night i went and seen labrinth live! he was amazing! but it was boiling in the o2 acadamy i had to go outside and get some air! we had quite a good view! :) i had a day leave from hospital and going back today:( tomorrow i have anual review and gonna see if i can come home tomorrow! :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

hi everyone! sorry i havnt wrote anything for a while! i keep forgetting & when i go to do it, i get distracted!

well.. the last time i wrote i was waiting for my nephew to arrive & he has! he is called bailey, born on the 21st july! :) hes sooooo cute!
i was really well for couple of weeks! i went out everyday with my friends to the park because it was soo hot! i had loads of energy! but i started to get more tired and breathing worse around bout 16th august! so i started IV antibotics. But it was my birthday on 20th!:( so i wasnt well for it! i organised to go out for a meal with friends  a couple of days before & i did but that got ruined cos of the rain and the stupid peolple that worked there! on my actual birthday i spent it with family, my sisters, nieces and nephews, my auntie and cousin are lving with us at the moment so they was here to! :D it was a nice day but i was just so tired! a couple of days after that we realised i wasnt getting any better on the IV's i was on (colistin & ceftazidime. & tobramycin neb) so my mum rang the nurse, she said i had to go in to see the doctor. The doctor said i had to stay in hospital over the weekend & start to IV antibotics & change my nebuliser! so i stayed on colistin & changed ceftazidime to meropenem & changed my nebuliser to amikacin. it came to the weekend but the doctor wanted me to stay in even longer! so he just said i had to stay in untill i finished IV's! but as it went on i started to have side affects from the medicine! but i was ok! :) and getting better! they turned my oxygen down to 0.8 litres! which was good! :) they finally let me home the 12th! but yesterday i got rushed into hospital! after being out a couple of days!:( i had alot of sharp pain in my chest that ive never had before! it was on the right side! it was hurting so much! i had an x-ray and they said that was fine! which is weird! but the doctor said because my lungs are so bad i will get alot of pain now!:( so they said just keep taking pain relief! i had to stay in for the night though just to make sure i was ok! i still have the pain now just comes and goes! but as long as i can breathe i dont care. im home now and in bed resting :)
oh yeah.. im not going back to my normal school now as the doctors said it will be to much for me and i dont want to get any worse! i was looking forward to it but i have to do what the doctors say cos they know best! :) i want to stay well so i can have my new lungs when they come!
been on the list 15 weeks 3 days now! im hanging on in there! :)

my gorgrous nephew Bailey! :)
my birthday presents from my mummy :)


an update

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Well since i last wrote i feel soo much better! ive finished my iv antibiotics and now feel great! and am waiting for my baby nephew to arrive! he was ment to come on the 18th july but he hasnt! but hopefully soon! oh yeah.. i just finished hospital school for six weeks holiday! but i wont be going back there because... Ive decided to go back to my normal school!:) im quite excited to go back and see all my friends! Im going with my oxygen and wheelchair. So yeah.. Not much has happened but im quite well at the moment and just waiting for my new lungs!:) xx


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Well I started ivs last thursday and then that night i went really ill! i had a temperture, my oxygen was low, felt dizzy and sick:( so mum rang the hospital and they said just to stay home and drink lots and have paracetomal, later on my temp went down abit and i felt a little better, but in the morning mum woke me up saying were going up to the hospital to get checked over. i felt soo ill:( so went hospital got checked over and they said i had to stay in the weekend:( which was horrible and boring! But it was the best pleace to be! i came out of hospital monday and and i still dont feel well so today im staying in bed all day!:( well exept to do physio and go to the toilet! my mum has texted the nurse to see if i am on the right iv antibiotics, and what to do because i feel so tired and drained:(

My wish day!!:) 28.06.2012

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I had to wake up at 7:00am! And I didn't get any sleep the night before because my sister slept over for my special day, and she slept in my room with me and she snores so loud! Haha! I had such a good day with my mum and 2 sisters. We got picked up in a hummer! And taken to Exeter, then we walked to the apple shop to go pickup my iPad and we got there and ALL the staff started to clap! I was soo embarrassed! We stayed in the apple shop for about an hour and abit, because they shown me what to do with my new iPad!:) after we left apple, went went shopping!! We went to new look and I got some new clothes! And then went to HMV and I got Justin bieber album!:P and then it was time to go for lunch!:) we went to a restaurant called Harry's, it was nice food:) after lunch we went for more shopping for an hour because then it was time to come home!:( but we came home in the hummer again!:) but I ran out of oxygen on the way home so we was in a rush! But I was still okay I just put the oxygen back on at home:) I had an amazing day!!

butlins & make a wish foundation!:)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

on the 31st may my mum got a phonecall, me and my physio was just chatting whilst she was on the phone. she got of the phone and screamed, YOUVE GONE ACTIVE ON THE TRANSPLANT AS FROM TODAY! and i couldnt believe it! my heart was racing, me, mum & helen(physio) started to have a little cry. it felt weird because at any moment i could get that call! its scary but exciting at the same time!! :)

the day after i was discharged from the hospital even though i still had the pneumothorax, but i was soo happy to go home and into my own bed! we decided i was going to go into hospital every 4 weeks for IV antibiotics and stay in for 2 weeks. i suppose thats alright, i just want to keep well for when i get the call:)

18th june - 22nd june BUTLINS TIME!
i had such a good holiday with my family, we went on the arcades, on family bikes, went to the market & done some shopping! :D it was nice to spend some time with my auntie alison because im so close to her and lewis!(my cousin with cf too) even though me and lewis cant be together for too long we still went on holiday together because everytime we was with eachother we was out in the open so we cant catch eachother germs. on thursday i started to feel unwell and had alot of pain in my ribs, so my mum rang my nurse and she said when i got home on friday to go straight up the hospital to get checked, so we went there and had an x-ray to make sure it wasnt the pneumothorax and it wasnt!:) the pneumothorax has nearly gone! which is good news! the doctor wasnt to worried about the pain i was having because i was clinicly well, just had pain, he said i had to take 400mg of pain killers every 6 hours untill the pain was gone, and thankfully its gone now!:)

Im so excited for thursday because ive got my make a wish foundation thing!
me, my mum & my two sisters are being picked up in a LIMO from my house taken to exeter to pick up my ipad 3, go for lunch and then do some shopping!! :) its going to be a good day, and its gonna be one day i dont have to think about the transplant all the time and wondering when im going to get the call! and get to spend the day with just my sisters and mum! no one else!:)

i will write more soon!:)

the past month.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

sorry i havnt writ anything for the past month, i havnt had time really:(

well.. after great ormand street i got my puppy, i got a girl instead of a boy, shes called missy!:) i was ok for a couple weeks. & then it came to the time to have IV's, and me and mum decided to have them in hospital & plus Great Ormand Street wanted a few more tests done before i could actually get onto the lung transplant list.. so we came in it was ok for the first week doing physio, antibiotics, & all the stuff i needed too & then monday i had to have a PH study test for 24 hours and after they put it in i had to go down for a x-ray to make sure it was in the right place, & then all of a sudden a physio came in and said i couldnt do my flutter& couldnt use the bird because they noticed that i had a pneumothorax in my top right lung(collappsed lung!) ive had it for a month! we didnt know it! i feel the same as i normally do :/ & i had another x-ray yesterday and they said it had got slighty smaller so they was gonna speak to GOSH to see what to do about it, so GOSH said tohave another x-ray friday & see if its got smaller or bigger. if it has got bigger then they would have to fit a chest drain in!:( & if it got smaller that would be great. but they also said that i wont be able to go home untill its completly gone! so we might be in here for while!:( its soo scary going threw all this.. sometimes i just want to burst out & cry but then i just tell myself.. when i get my new lungs it will all be ok! :)


the other 2 days in london!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tuesday was so hard & tireing, i didnt get much sleep the night before, so i was really tired the next day! i had to be in the hospital for 9:00am for a blood test! & i had to have a canula in but they couldnt fit it in a vain so they tried 4 times! i realy hate needles:( i had to have lots of tests that day!:(

this is what i had to do..
- fasting bloods + blue canula
- psychlogist
- dexa scan
- abd. US + chest xray
- chest CT

i was so tired! i couldnt eat before my bloods so i was hungry aswell:( that was was the worst day i had in a while! i was glad to get it done with, after all that i needed to go back and get some rest! & have tea. but i met up with a girl who had a lung transplant that ive been speaking to for a while! shes very helpfull & she answers anything i ask!

today i had to see the consulant, was was there for about an hour, he asked me some questions & then the main one. he asked me if i was sure i wanted to go onto the lung transplant list & i said yes im sure, i want my new lungs! i want to be like any other girl! i want to walk & not get out of breath! then he said ok. & then said... ive got onto the lung transplant list :) :) :)

me and my family are so happy & we needed to take it all in before i writ this :) x

the first day at great ormand street hospital.

Monday, 23 April 2012

today has been so tireing it was the first day at GOSH & we had to be there by 10 and finished at 5 our plan for today was..

- Transplant talk
- echo & ECG
- lung function
- clerking(talking to doctor about medical history)

it was a long day & alot to take in, had a little cry but it was because i had to take everything in because there is so much!
after we finished at GOSH we went for tea at mc donalds:P & then came back to our room/flat but then there was just something that happened...

THE FIRE ALARM WENT OF!! me and mum are sleeping on the 7th floor! and we couldnt get the lift down or go down in my wheelchair & mum couldnt carry me so i just ran right down 3 flights of stairs but then i couldnt go no further i was too out of breath. so a lovely man came and carried me down the rest.
we got to the bottom & they said we could come back up it was just a mistake!

im tired now so just chilling in the flat! xxxxx

the past 2 months or so...

Monday, 16 April 2012

hello:) sorry i havnt written in a while!

well i havnt been very good since febuary, ive been on 2 courses of IV antibiotics & i have been in hospital because my lung function went down to 15%, when i was in there i got put on oxygen because my sats were staying at 88 and the doctor said i should atleast be at 92 so i was on 1 litre of oxygen & my sats went right up to 97 but i had to have it turned down to 0.7 so that was bit good news, i stayed there for 1 week & then i did a lung function & it had gone up to 18% and then they let me come home! i carried on my iv antibiotics at home but the bad news was that i still had to be on oxygen, so i had home oxygen, i felt more comfortable at home! then my 2 weeks was up of ivs, i didnt feel much better, im still on oxygen 24 hours a day also im in a wheelchair when i go out, i dont have as much energy as i used to. last monday i had a sleepover with 4 of my friends & it was well good but the next day i was so ill, i didnt eat, i couldn't move because i had no energy atall, but then mum did all my physio & then i did feel a little better & i did eat something! :) last thursday i had CF clinic that didnt go to well, my lung function was 14% but the doctor said that i proberly wont get it any higher now & also i lost abit of weight:( the past couple of days i havnt done much, im usually to tired to do anything, but im getting a little puppy next week!!!:D so i have to go shopping tomorrow with mum to get a few bits for him:) i dont know what im calling him yet though! hes sooo cute! this is him...

ill write next week when im in london for great ormand street hospital! :) xxxx

my life so far..

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

when i was born 20.08.1998 there was nothing wrong with me, my parents had no clue i had cystic fibrosis, everything was fine untill i was 18 months when i was rushed to hospital becuase i had a prolapse, i had some test done & thats when my parents found out i had cystic fibrosis it was ovbiously a massive shock to them & they didnt know anything about it but they dealt with it & carried on.
when i was 4 i went to school & i did everything the same as others, i could do everything! never got out of breath, i was never ill, i was fine & that carried on untill december 2010 then everything went down hill, i was in hospital for 3 weeks having IV antibiotics & i was on oxygen & lung function went from 49% slowly to 25% and ive never got it any higher than that. in 2011 i was in hospital everytime i had my IV's really and my lung function was about 22% on october 31st i went for my annual review & thats when i found out i had to be put forward for a heart & lung transplant, it was the most horrible moment of my life me & my mum couldnt stop crying, & my dad was there just trying to calm us down, a few weeks later we came around about the idea of a lung transplant. 2nd december i had a feeding tube put into my stomach, i didnt want it but i knew i had to have to make me better & put on weight, and it took me about 2 weeks to get used to it, then it was christmas!:D which was nice to have all my family come round and spend the day with them. 14th febuary 2012 we had a phone call saying we had an appointment at GOSH hospital for my assessment for a lung transplant & weather im going to go on the list or not, we havnt had a date yet but were wating, they said on the phone maybe march or aprill.

thank you for reading i will write something else soon!:)
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